Blender to Maya or just doing massive renders anyway . . .

OK, I’m not hot with Maya, but some people looking at me to do work for them are curious to know how much info you can get out of Blender and into Maya, so how many people have done this?

Its only still, so no animation, but how well can you transfer the lighting and materials across? Its largely because they want to do some massively high res renders.

So beyond standard model formats etc., has anyone got experience of transferring a whole scene over? How painful was it? Is it better just to make the models and rig the whole thing up in Maya? (ahhhh)

I’ve been thinking there might be some intermediate format thats best for this, but haven’t really looked at everything. Maybe there’s an easier way to go about producing those massive render anyway? . . .

Cheers all


I’m not sure if you can transfer the material and lighting info over. You can export your meshes as VRML and then import to Maya, (as far as I know anyway).