Blender to Maya without triangulation

I want to export an object from Blender to Maya. I tried fbx and obj, but in both cases when I import to Maya, I get a triangulated mesh, which I don’t want. I didn’t select “Triangualte faces” during obj export, but they still got triangulated. What am I doing wrong?

That should not be happening. Make sure Maya’s importers are not triangulating.

But how? I don’t see anything about triangulation in the import tool in Maya.

I was speculating, that could be one of the culprits. Try exporting with Blender 2.79 to see if you still have an issue with it.

Btw I export to other apps like Modo all the time, and never have this issue. Post some screenshots.

Ok, uh, my fault… I had a triangulate modifier on the object. I’ve set it up long time ago to improve shading on viewport and I forgot about it.

I should delete this thread probably.