Blender to Maya

Is there anyway to move a model from blender into Alias Maya?

I downloaded the free version for learning to see if I liked it.
But I would like to move a model from blender into it.

But I am not even sure you even can.

Thanks for all the help.

Probably like this:

Export the Mesh as a .obh file.
File -> Export -> Wavefront (.obj)

and then either import or open that file in Maya.

You should be able to fairly easily import a Blender mesh into the full version of Maya using the obj format but the PLE version has very limited import and export capabilities so it’s quite likely it won’t work with the PLE.

There is no way to get any foreign model into Maya PLE

I needed to use PLE for a UT mod and was furious that it couldn’t import anything.

It’s their call, but I don’t udnerstand it. Disabling export makes sense, but import? why?

You could try OGLE (3D screen capture).

Thanks for the help.