Blender to mentalray(R) version 0.0.6 (Windows)

I’m very Happy to present the first version of Blender2mentalray®. This build is for render to Mental ray that is a one of the best comercial render engiens on the market ;).

Blender to mentalray® 0.0.07c <-------- New (a special thanks to this German MentalRay forum (Seeda & hot chip) for the help in founding some limitantions on the project )

Video Tutorials <-------- New


Blender to mentalray® 0.0.7

Blender to mentalray® 0.0.6

Blender to mentalra® 0.0.5 Mirror

Blender to mentalray® 0.0.3 Mirror
Blender to Mentalray pyNodes Samples

Blender to mentalray® 0.0.2

Blender to mentalray® 0.0.1a

Blental v0.0.1 for Windows-Mirror

My Develop Test Gallery

Test Subdirectory


Instructions .-

If you have the standalon version install then Blental will reconice but that is not the case with the demo version.

For the demo version you must first set the YFExport path inside blender( ej. c: mp ). Then in that subdirectory you must create one subdirectory call MentalRay then inside of that you must copy the bin , Include and Shaders subdirectories. that’s it :smiley:

Support for version 0.0.1 .-

  • Lights :
    Type lamp, spots, sun and area , this last one with 6 diferent types (Square,Rect,Disc,Sphere,Cylinder,Object) and with the option of a visible light.
    Shadow factor.
    Pyisical lights options.
    Caustis Options for all lights.
    GI Options for all ligths.
    Sample limits for area lights

Supports for Cooktor, Phong, Binn, Dgs, Dialectric with photon flags and new options adjust just for Blental.
Suport for textures type imagen with uvm only.
Transparency, Reflectivity, Refractivity supported.
Bumps supported only for imagens.

A new panel (Alt+M) to edit especific propierties for objects.

-General Options
Control for Samples , jitter , contrast , and filters.
Control for Trace.
Control for GI.
Control for Caustic.
Control for Final Gathering.
Control for Motion Blur.
Control for Some Diagnostic.
Control for Render Progress.
Control for not export mesh.

Dof support.

Hats off for you, thank you for this gift to the Blender comunity :wink:

Very interesting !
Where couls we find a free version of Mental Ray to give a try to this fabulous gift ?

I doubt there is a free version of MR :frowning:

Great!!! RC Great!!!
I will probe :slight_smile:

Excellent job


I need to try this.
Mental is one of my favorites render engines. :smiley:

So it is supposed to be used with the standalone version of Mental Ray or can we export to a certain format that 3dsmax’s mental ray can use?

What are these rar files I see everywhere which after I download do nothing !!!??? Or is this just for programmers ??

BlueSpider: You can use program such as to decompress rar files.

I’m happy to see this progress.
I just wonder - there are already so many forks of blender to different renderers, which probably means that the internal Api is becoming ready to get some real multi-renderer support. But It’d be great if these changes would become into cvs, preferably as plugins, so that they don’t disappear somewhere in this forum.

did you used the maya ple for your tests or why is there the mental-ray-logo?

great developement… unfortuately, mental ray has no free licence, instead of pixie etc. and the other renderman compliant…


If somebody want to have fully functional demo of MR 3.4 (512x512 resolution and little watermark in the corner), I suggest you to buy this book (MR comes on CD):

afecelis,yes, it use the standalon

jms, nope. The only place that I know that we can get a demo is buy in the motorsep

simhar, no . . only stanalone, the logo is becouse I use the demo version

pildanovak , a lot of people had talking about the render api and the process had begin ;).

Un Saludo

I just email Silvia Hanko (Dir. Finance & Administration from Mental ray) asking her if there is a posibilitie to release the demo version for free . I know that some people are doing the same thing :wink: . I did not know how this will afect her desition but I hope that will afect in a positive way :D.

Un Saludo

yaaaaaaaaaay! that’s great RC. Thanks.

afecelis, well if you also send a nice email requesting it then thanks to you to :wink: . . . . .

Un Saludo

While I would show interest in this because MentalRay is such a good renderer it completely defeats the purpose of using free solutions all the way for Blender work. One might think this would be the only way for movie quality work and is impossible with just free software.

My porpouse to use Blender is becouse I like it over all other 3d software, not only becouse it’s free, same thing with Mentalray, it’s an incredible piece of software :wink:

2 Icoxo:
You don’t have to buy MR to use it. Just buy a book and use demo. Or use Povray and Blend2Pov :slight_smile:
However if you are into commercial visualization and you need t create high quality photorealistic renderings in short period of time, I would strongly recommend buying MR (I heard it’s very fast). It’s cheaper PRman 3 times :stuck_out_tongue:

2 RCRuiz:
Will you include an option for Blental to parse scene to .mi file without calling MR? This way those folks who have MAX/MAYA (let’s leave licensing questions out of this thread :D) would be able to load .mi files to their MAX/MAYA and render it with build-in MR. What do you think?

Will you include an option for Blental to parse scene to .mi file without calling MR? This way those folks who have MAX/MAYA (let’s leave licensing questions out of this thread :D) would be able to load .mi files to their MAX/MAYA and render it with build-in MR. What do you think?

That’s what I was wondering! :wink: