Blender to MilkShape 3d

Does anyone know how to take blender models and get them into milkshape 3d? I’ve tried exporting to DXF from blender and then importing that into MS3D. When I attempt to import my dxf a message saying “Do you want to delete all before import?” If you click ‘yes’ the dialogue box goes away but the model itself is not imported (at least that I can see) If you click ‘no’ a dialogue saying “nothing imported!” appears. I’ve made sure to convert all of my models’ faces to tris as that is the only type of face that you can create in MS3D but still no luck. Please help!



Two things:
(1) Milkshape has a limit on how many vertices it will import.
(2) You can keep UV coordinates if you use the wavefront obj export script and then import the obj into Milkshape.

Hope that helps :smiley: