Blender to Ogre

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I’m using Blender 2.56a and have installed the Ogre exporter (v0.3.0). I have a mesh with an associated armature. I have also generated an animation with this mesh/armature. I would like to export the mesh/armature and the animation through the Blender2Ogre export. The screen shot is the error message I get.

I hope someone can point out what I’m doing wrong as I’m unfamiliar with Ogre at the moment.

Thanks in advance!


You should use Blender 2.49b for Ogre3d, not 2.5x.


Thanks for the reply. I’m aware of Ogre export working under 2.49b, as you point out. However there has been active support for an Ogre export with 2.56 beta. As I’m fairly new to blender I thought I would learn the 2.5 interface. But i do have 2.49 b installed as well and could revert back and utilize that exporter.


EDIT: The Blender 2.5 to Ogre thread:

You’re right, if you want to learn Blender, it is better with Blender 2.5x.

If you mean, Ogre exporter (v0.3.0) is in the Blender 2.5 to Ogre thread.
It isn’t working for me on Blender2.56a. I think, you should ask to the exporter author.

Also, you can check OgreKit that don’t need any exporter.

I confirm this bug, in ubuntu 10.10 64b, r34510. jvcraft87 , what OS do you have?

The developer last upload was Jan 06, but im sure he or someone else will fix it.

@harkon - I am looking to utilize jMonkeyEngine for the purpose of (eventually) developing an animation/game for Android. jMonkeyEngine uses the .mesh.xml output from the exporter. Does Ogrekit provide any tools for that? I don’t believe Ogrekit is doing anything with Android at the moment?

@Netich - I’m running Windows Vista 64-bit (Home Premium) SP2. (EDIT) That error message came from a 32-bit version of Vista (one of the Business editions). But I have confirmed a similar error on my laptop which is the 64-bit version. Sorry for any (additional) confusion! :eyebrowlift2: