Blender to Orbiter Export Script 0.4

Well here it is, a brand spanking new version of the Blender to Orbiter ( Export script. There are loads of changes from 0.3, with significant code re-working and feature additions :smiley:

Top amonst the new features are the GUI, mesh smoothing support and the automatic creation of DDS textures from the texture maps defined in the Blender model!

Head on over over the the project site on SourceForge ( and give it a go! I look forward to your feedback…


Excellent! I will give it a try in the next day or so.

Hey Howitzer,

I’m afraid that I’ve had a few bad bug reports for version 0.4. For some reason it seems to be quite good at crashing Blender :frowning:

No idea as to why at present, I’ve never had a crash on either of the two machines I have access to… But I’ve got 3 users out there getting crashes, so it looks like I’m in the minority.

In the mean time the 0.3 version is still available on the project site, so give that a try, and if you want 0.4, maybe it wont crash on you, drop me a mail via the source forge site…


As you can see from my post above I had a few problems with the initial 0.4 release. But I have re-released version 0.4 this morning!

Everything seems to be in order now, but with one very big caveat! There is unfortunately an outstanding issue with the script which will cause Blender to crash! :frowning: This occurs when the script is invoked via the scripts window, or from the main Blender File->Export menu. To avoid this please run the script from a Blender text window.

If anyone knows why the script is failing in this way, when it clearly runs ok via a text window I would love to hear from you!