Blender to photoshop to blender question...

I have a question, ok I used Blender to make my model and i exported the model via .dae into Photoshop cs5 to paint , I then exported from Photoshop via .dae . I then opened up Blender again and imported the file i made in PS cs5 everytime i do this the .dae i made in PS is just a grey scale as if i never painted the model in PS ,should i paint my model in Blender or how can this be achieved?

Not familiar with the file format, but when you made your Blender model, did you unwrap and apply an image texture to the material? To use an image for a model, you need to reference it in the material. Or possibly do you just need to turn on texture draw mode?

I remember having that same problem. In my case it was because I didn’t realize that I need to export the painted uv-map file from Photoshop to blender and assign that file as an UV texture in Blender.

You can save the paintwork you did in PS as a separate document by first opening it:

After painting your object in PS, open the 3d panel and find the line that says “diffuse” and click on next to it at the small drop-down menu and select “open texture”. Photoshop will now open your paint work as another file, which is basically the painted uv map. Save that file as png and it’s ready to be ported to Blender and assigned to a texture slot.