Blender to Solidworks

Hello. My name is Felipe. I always use SolidWorks for my modeling but I accepted a job to model some fingers for 3D printing. I finished the models and started using Blender for the superficial ending to give more reality. I really suck using it because is my first time, but I am still trying.
My problem is that I imported the part in STL fromat and started to give some details to a one part (to get used to Blender) and when I tried to open it again in SW is not possible. Does someone have some time to help me with this?
I leave the link of the drive where the files are at. (SW file, blender file and the hole four fingers)
Please help! :slight_smile:


Welcome :tada:
this may sound harsh… but you wasn’t able to look which 3D formats SolidWorks and Blender can import/export… before starting this ???

Blender isn’t good with STEP because it never was meant to use all features of it… because it isn’t a CAD app… i’m not familiar with he different versions of SW and what format it can import… (dxf,stl, ply ?? obj ???)…

Maybe you should elaborate this a bit more because now just SolidWork user can help…