Blender to Source: Modeling Delicious objects for Half-Life 2 (destructible objects)

Hii! I gotta say i get pretty self contious about posting this to fellow blender users since you’ll be viewing it with a critical knowhow eye. :smiley: The object of the tutorial really isn’t the blender parts, it’s the blender for source part in that i tell you some things you need to look out for when modeling in blender for source.

If you’re interested in getting your own objects into Half-Life 2 or any other source game then i hope this is helpfull!

This is my first video tutorial. Leave your comments and critique please!

The link to the video:

More vids to come

the first two vids are actually really good for beginners. cant wait to see how you export that model to the source file format.

Keep em coming.

Thanks for the feedback : )

I have gotten some comments that it wasn’t the best way to model it, the other videos are now up, i suggest everyone that’s intersted to try it.

Also i’m interested to hear if anyone was able to do this just by following my tutorials so if anyone has tried i would like to hear your feedback!

in case people are really interested in source modeling for blender, there’s a whole thread on it on facepunch, where we’re currently in the process of getting a working 2.53 importer/exporter (in 2.49 there’s a lot of issues with importing, and exporting animations)