Blender to Substance To Unreal to After Effects TEST

Yesterday I was testing my new animation pipeline core that includes four applications:


  • Modeling an array
  • Simple rig
  • Animation (quick and dirty)
  • Export to FBX and OBJ

Substance Painter:

  • fast material creation on OBJ, textures exported to Unreal


  • importing FBX
  • setting scene and lights
  • setting camera movement
  • rendering and exporting PNGs with ZDepth pass

After Effects:

  • importing PNGs passes
  • compositing
  • depth of field on ZDepth pass
  • color grading
  • exporting AVI

Total time: 2 hours. The next steps that will complete the pipeline: integrating camera movement from real world footage, exporting cameras directly from PFTrack and Blender to UE and AE, exporting PC animations from Blender, integrating with real, captured footage. Seems like a lot of work ahead :slight_smile: