Blender to SWF? Able to rotate objects?

I’ve been looking around and have found some scripts, but I’m not too sure what I’m doing. I am looking for a way to export to SWF so you can use the arrowkeys or mouse or something to rotate an object in realtime on the webpage itself. Thanks.

That would be hard,
When you see 3d stuff in flash thats dynamic, such as rotating cubes in preloaders and menus its normally done with some hard core actionscript (flash itself does not have an inbuilt 3d engine, like shockwave).
There are some good tutorials on how to do this in the 3d section of flash Kit - You’ll need to own a copy of Flash mx.

You can however create a simple linear animation that looks 3d in flash with tools like:

S2flender a python script by eaguirre that will render a SWF picture or animation.

Theres also Swift 3d which is better than s2flender in my opinion but you need to buy it and it doesn’t import blender scenes or models - you need to export the models and animate them in swift 3d.

Hope that helps!

there is a script that makes what you are asking for on this forum, but i cannot remebre the name.

it export an intercativa swf based on actionscript and mesh data, so that you can freely rotate your mesh in a nice “wire frame flavour” in flash

bullx your right i remember this but i couldnt find it before, it’s called tooba
This is probilby exaclty what your looking for mindblender. It only works with small models though 30 70 verts are recomended.

Thanks a lot monofoso, I’ll try it.