Blender to UDK: exporting multiple animations help

Ok, so i’ve spent a good chunk of my days trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong in terms of exporting my character that uses an IK rig for a game my team is developing. I’m still learning my ways around Blender but I figured out how to make actions for each animation as well. Before, I had one long animation that was around 1-412 frames but I creating the separate actions from that long sequence.

My problem is that I can only export the first animation which is the idle with arms down and that runs from frames 1-70. I can’t get Blender to export all of my actions when exporting the animations using the fbx format. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong right now and it is bugging me.

Below you can clearly see I have many actions and they all have the “F” next to them.

This is my setup for the settings of the fbx exporter in Blender

When I try to import the fbx file into UDK, it recognizes it as a skeletal mesh which I want, I only have the box checked for importing the animations as well. After that, I get a message which is seen below:

What is weird is that it only has that error for that certain animation and not only that, but If I click on “Yes” or “No”, it pops back up and I have to click on either option like 100 times before it disappears. After the error message is finally gone it imports the animation set and the character mesh but it only imports the animation that was in the error message.

I just need to get past this issue so I can send off the animations to my programmer. If anybody has ideas on what I"m missing or doing wrong, let me know! Thanks!