Blender to UDK possible?


I’ve been searching lately for some ways to export Blender models, rigs and animations to the udk without any bugs or data loss… Is there any way to make this?
Thanks a lot in advance,

If you can make it work, Autodesk FBX generally exports such things. The only problems I’ve had there were all kinds: faces converging on a singular point with vertices staying at their original positions; armature posing completely screwing up; problems with more than one mesh attached to the same armature; program crash; the like. Then again, all of these things showed up upon import into 3DS Max.

Don’t know if UDK can import that format as the last time I tried to run it, I was left with the splash screen and nothing else.

there is an addon on blender that is blender to UDK or something like that take a look on user preferences and you ll find it(I have the blender version 2.57 + addons from so i dont know if the original one have the same addon)

Thanks a lot!