blender to UDk problem

Every time these messige pop up after turning on Anim Rotation Only in unreal. Here is a picture. A red text pop up in the middle of the screen. What should I do?:spin:

Ok. Heres the problem.

A. Congrats because your doing what you want to do, and that is use Blender to get things to UDK. Things arent going as planned but you are trying and learning.

B. Heres the bad. This community doesnt focus on using the UDK. They focus on using Blender to make Blender Game Engine material. Basically your trying to get 2 moving targets to match up. Blender is going thru versions of itself very fast and the UDK is being updated monthly as far as I know. Your best option may be to use Blender 2.49 which isnt changing anymore and has a proven workflow to Unreal Game Engines or find the correct community to post in.

Please dont think I am driving you away because I believe every Blender user on this forum helps us become better. But I have used UDK, Unity 3d and Torgue Game engine ( I own a license to Torque and it is a nice engine) and I will tell you when it comes to animation and skeletal systems you need to know your stuff. This community will probaly not bring you answers. You need to have all you naming conventions correct and then your hiearchy perfect and it might still come down to a node setup (root node, base node etc…). Your best bet is to study the on the Unreal Developer Network first, then try what they preach and then find the right forum and tweak your workflow by watching what other user are doing.