Blender to UDK problem

ive been getting the error. “Ambiguous root for UDK. More than one root bone is using deform.” any ideas? also im using 2.66

I recently started using UDK again using 2.66, but haven’t had that error message. Without knowing the particulars of your project, maybe i can steer towards some answers. I’ve had more luck using UT3SimpleRig to utilize the UDK character animations, instead of my own Armature n own Actions. Also had more sucess exporting using the .psk/.psa export over the .fbx format. I did however update the .psk/.psa addon. Another gem i stumbled across was MetalGameStudios Youtube channel. His Custom Bots Tutorial made everything fall into place for me. So hopefully some of these can help. I tried all this several years ago, but had to wait until the stellar blender community provided us with the export addons n made it a bit more easier then it was. So i feel your frustration n hope some of the links help.

thanks. I also instead of remaking the armature for the mirriored side i just duplicated everything besides the root and flipped and then parented.

I fixed it, i partented the two very first bones to the root

but now its exporting, but the psa wont import. hmm