Blender to UDK

Hi, I know that this post is not to do with blender so much as the unreal engine however I was not realy sure of where else to post.

Ok so I have managed to export my textures fine, and everything seems to be going well but my model seems to have lost its UV somewhere along the line. I originaly tried exporting it as a .fbx file from blender which udk dident like as it was saying that the fbx was out of date, so I exported it as a .obj file and then used autodesks fbx converter.

I might however just be doing something wrong in unreal. If anyone knows how I can get around this please let me know, I can try other formats but im new to udk so not realy sure what is supports. (the model is just static).

(im useing blender 2.63)
Thanks in advance.

Ok I have managed to get them to work useing the old .fbx formats that are outdated. I dont realy want to use the outdated format to be sure that I wont come up against any issues later so if ppl could give an alternate way of exporting I would be greatfull thanks.

UDK supports Collada files, so you can try Blender’s Collada exporter. As for the missing UVs, I think I have an encountered a similar problem before. I think the UVs were ending up on a different layer. There is an editor in UDK were you can change which UV layer is being used. Try finding that and checking the other layers for your missing UV information.

kk thanks. I think that was removed from blender in .5 but if its the one I think it is I can download a plugin. Ill continue looking.