Blender To UE4 Armature Issue | Missing Bones

So after tirelessly working on this low poly model, I finally finished rigging, and I thought everything was ready to export. When I tried importing it along with the skeleton & materials, I get an error message telling me there’s missing bones. With a little searching, I found out that it’s because there’s no root bone assigned to each bone. An example showed that you should select two at a time (first the child, then secondly the parent/root bone) and connect it that way. However I’m not sure what to connect where, or what the best way to do this is. I would greatly appreciate it if any of you with experience with this could help me finish this model.

(Image linked shows my rig setup, what my idea was is if somebody could guide me on which bones to connect where):

just a guess here: when you import don’t choose any skeleton, unreal will create a new one for your model.

Well what I’ve been doing is exporting my model with it’s skeleton & materials, then importing it into UE4. But when I import it to UE4, it doesn’t give me an option to select a skeleton or materials, so I just go forward & when I click import it shows this error. So are you saying I should export my model without it’s skeleton?

No, i thought you wanted to use the epic skeleton.
What you can try is to import back to Blender and see if you have bones there. The problem might be bad export settings, though I’m not sure what.