Blender to UE4: My mesh is to scale but my animations are extremely small

Upon importing my fbx file to UE4, my mesh comes through scaled correctly but the animations are so small you can barely see them.

I’ve rolled though forums and endless videos where people address the scaling between blender and UE4 but so far nothing has corrected my issue.

To clarify my unit system is set to Metric, Unit scale is 0.01
I’ve applied transforms and scaling, rigged and animated my model after these changes were made. Any form of scaling of the mesh seems not effect the animations at all. I am relatively new to this so i’m likely overlooking something that ties the scale of my mesh and the scale of the animations.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @emd87,

This should explain things :slight_smile:

The Unit Scale globally changes the meaning of the unit length. So by setting yours at 0.01 you’ve scaled ALL units by 1/100th.

The unit length selected i.e. “meters” ( the default) or Centimeters etc, should ensure that you’re build things to the correct size for importing to UE4.


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Apologies for the late reply and thank you for getting back to me. This was helpful! These settings helped me along with changing the name of my armature to anything other than “Armature”.

Thanks Damian!


Exactly. I believe, renaming Armature to something else should be marked as the solution. Because it works for me all the time. All other things like the Scale can be corrected with Apply Transform export option.

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