Blender to UE4

Hi everybody!


I’m working on a UE4 project right now. I’m using UE4 as a renderer. Blender is being used for Modeling, Texturing and partially some simulations (Cloth). C & C welcome (except on the camera track - I know it’s crap and I’m changing it right now :slight_smile: )
An interior scene will be added soon. The whole project will be finished on 25.06.2015 and about 3 min long. There is also a guy working on a soundtrack right now! Hope you enjoy it!

Some (new) details:

New opening scene:

Great technique and great result! I’m eager to try this aswell.

I am not quite sure of what is the goal?

Thanks cgstrive!
It’s supposed to be an untypical arcitectural visualisation. I’ll start a VR-Game project next year and this is my first contact with game engines. As you probably have already guessed, this is kind of a research project for me. Also, it’s a project for university :slight_smile:

I find it very interesting. I like to try new things also, to experiment and to see if this would be better or not. I have seen some amazing architectural stuff done with UE4.

I think tough that UE4 is good when you want to have movements, not sure if UE4 is good when it comes to stills.
BTW I am using Blender and UE4 also

@esimacio: I totally agree. Renderer like Renderman or Arnold are way better for stills. Even Cycles, wich I really love, is able to create much more detailed pictures. But I strongly believe, that realtime rendering is the future and soon enough realtime renderers will be integrated in 3d-programms.
It’s just freaking cool that I can render out a video in 5minutes. On my laptop! Maybe I’m just crazy about render speeds because I’ve been rendering a lot with cycles, wich is infamously slow :wink:

UE4 works quite well for stills. It’s easier to get a result than using cycles or Blender internal because it works in the viewport realtime. If you haven’t seen this work already, I recommend this channel:

@PipTogo Your scene is looking quite nice, it’s got a lot of potential. The legs seem a little out of place though, since you have a ton of little details in the structure itself. Also, since it’s in such an icy setting, and they’re large, metallic objects, the material should reflect that.

@SilentRainstar: Thanks! -I’m not quite sure if i understand right. Are you suggesting to model some more details on the legs or to change the material? And yes - the reflections on them are wrong! Thanks for pointing that out! There are some reflection captures missing!

I just remembered a scratched concept of the legs: Zbrush sculpt -> Normal Map Bake -> Cycles render

Looking back at it I realize I didn’t really make sense… A bit of material work should be enough. beyond that, everything is looking quite nice.

I mainly did some work on my camera tracks, but i managed to establish two shots:

New opener

It almost seems to me like the guys at epic should forget about making games, and spend all their time working on improving their real time renderer. The quality of image you can get out of UE4 is just stunning! I’ll be watching this, it shows a lot of promise.

Really nice stuff. Wish my UE4 lighting worked, this is inspiring to reinstall windows and see if I can get it fixed :wink:

Off topic UE4 question:

When you import your model into UE4, do you have to re add all your materials to it? Right now I have to do it and it’s a pain :wink:

@TwoDeer: I didn’t create fleshed out materials in blender. Most oft the time i just applied the texture maps and looked for stretchings and unwanted overlapping. I’d recommend creating your materials in UE4 since it has a great material editor or substance designer (havent tried it out jet - only heard about it).

I started this thread lately, but I’m working on this projekt for quite a while. Here’s one of my first cycles renderings of the model

Edit: Created a progress gif but cant upload it. Link:

hey this is looking really nice! I am also experimenting with UE4, I really like it! I am having some trouble with creating a water shader thou… are you using a translucent shader for that or just reflections? Would you mind sharing the node tree in UE4?

Did you create every asset in the scene? I like everything but rocks look particularly good!

Thanks and keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

@Bernardo: Most of the landscape assets belong to epic including the rocks. My focus was on my little crab house :slight_smile: I dont mind using already existing contet and therefore I recommend you use the Water Planes provided by epic in their hub. You’ll find blueprints for water with a lot of settings to adjust to your needs.

If you ever need to create specific stone formations for a project and you have access to them:
You’ll never model stones again :wink:

Super cool. Thanks for sharing your process and I think I’ll move towards just texturing in UE4 :).

Good luck with your project!

Update: I mainly have been struggling with technical issues