Blender to Unity 3.3


I did the tutorial "Making a Ginger Bread Man in Blender 2.5, parts 1 and 2.

I want to bring the rendered Ginger Bread Man into Unity. How to do it?
From Blender 2.57a, I exported a Collada (.dae) and then used Autodesk Converter 2011 to get an .fbx. Taking this into Unity did not work. The textures were no where to be found. Here is a screen shot of my render in Blender.

Thanks for your help.


what if you export to fbx directly from blender 2.57

Your render does not show any textures apart from maybe a procedural noise texture on the brown head and body part. Textures relating to realtime interchange formats such as .dae and .fbx only consider UV mapped images textures.

Diffuse colours should export, though I’m not sure of the .dae to .fbx conversion in this regard.

Can you export a procedural noise texture from Blender?

Once you have setup your material with the procedural noise, make sure your model has an UV.

Then go to Edit Mode.
In the UV Editor create a new texture, then in the Render panel, in the Bake section, in the Bake Mode drop down select Texture.

Set the margin to 4 or 5 and press the Bake button.

An example of this in the attached screenshot in which i used a voronoi procedural textural, a bit of normal value, a few lights and an ambient occlusion, then i set the Bake Mode to “Render” and clicked Bake, it created the texture on my UV

The only problem with this is that Blender is not able to antialias the baking process, so if you look closely to your obtained texture you should notice obvious aliasing edges everywhere things should be smoothly rounded.

a workaround on this is to create the new texture in Blender to be 4 times the size of the real texture you want (by example 20482048 if you want a 512512 final texture) and in an image editing program like photoshop or gimp or whatever else you use, rescale the texture to your desired dimension.
It will smooth all the ugly aliased edges created by Blender in the baked texture.

i watched a tutorial just before on youtube cant remember what 1 but he said to just simply drag your .blend file into unity, i havent tryed this yet will do when i get home :), just one question tho… when i downloaded unity it said that i have a 30 day trial when i got the free req off the net does this mean that i only have it for 30 days or does it keep going?

30 days for pro version, after that your unity change to basic version.
the basic version should be more than enough for causal developer.

Thanks very much for your detailed answer above. I have now learned enough Blender to understand some of it. I UV mapped a cube and put on a procedural texture (marble) that I modified in Blender using nodes and then baked it as you suggested. Then I brought the cube and texture into Unity. The screenshot below is from Unity.


The image link is pointing to a location on your hard drive so only you will be able to see it. Either put it on one of the many image host sites such as Flickr, Photobucket, Picasaweb or attach it to your post by going to the Advanced post options and use the paperclip icon (as you did for your orignal post)

BTW, Unity now imports Blender 2.5 files directly.

That is a commonly used tool for graphics design! It is great,just look at these wonderful works!