Blender to Unity armature not in correct place...

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I’ve rigged a humanoid character in blender & applyed the mesh to the armature.

I have applyed ‘Loc, Rot + Scale’ on both armature and mesh.

I have no animations on the character yet.

When i import the model to Unity, i am given an empty game object which contains the armature (within which contains the bones as empty game objects) and the mesh.

But some of the bones (empty game objects) are out of place (the pelvis bone is too low etc) but the location is set to zero (relative to the game object).

How can i have a cleaner export/import so that the bones are all seemingly where they are supposed to be?

Thanks as always for your brain-power, Tom :slight_smile:

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I’m actually having the exact same problems, im doing an fps in unity and every time i import my arm to unity its a hit or miss on the mesh getting messed up. so I hope we can find an answer.

here is my armature and model if anyone wants to take a look

Thanks for the ‘bump’! :slight_smile:

A guy answered on Unity Answers, i won’t have time to check any of his advice till tomorrow, but seeing as how you’re following this thread, i thought i’d link you to his answer:

Be interesting to hear if you have any joy :slight_smile:

had no luck with that. still looking!

There are really some anoying problems with the fbx exporter. So when I export my scenes with animaitons… my mesh, armature and bones have different rotaions in local space. Can anybody confirm this? (E. g. Create a simple mesh, a bone and export it to unity. Set space to “local” and add the imported prefab into the scene. In hierachy view skip through the objects and find the different local rotation).