blender to unity pro

i just imported a scene i made in blender into unity 3d pro, this is what came out:
can you maybe give me some feedback on how to improve models etc.


I have to say it’s impressive that it turned out as good as it did. There’s usually a lot of glitches when imported a whole scene like that into Unity.

As far as the import, the only issue I saw was maybe some auto-smoothing problems. The nose of the one-man ship looked like it should have been rendered smooth.

In the menu screen, rather than having the images appear on the wall, you could have them appear semi-transparent in the in front of the camera. Maybe use some kind of border that goes with the style of artwork in the game. You could also keep them in the scene but integrate them into the scenery. Maybe put in a security camera display and have the menu options be shown on it. Some video glitches or static might look cool.

There is a lot of detail you could add to the scene overall. I’m sure you want to keep it dreary because it’s a desert but try adding some color, at least some various shades of gray, or some decal grunge to some of the objects. If you vary the texture of the surrounding wall it would look more real. I’ve made a lot repeating objects like that using tiling textures and just randomized the UV map to give it some variation. It could be some of the detail isn’t coming through on the youtube video though. You could use some ground clutter also.

The normal map on the steel beams looks cool. The specular makes it look a little plastic though. Try turning the hardness up and the specular intensity down. Specular maps on everything can add a lot of detail. On the wall, I would crank up the normal map effect.

Overall it’s looks pretty cool. I’m sure it’s a work in progress and I know it usually comes down to not having enough time or budget to make it look as good as it could be.