Blender to Unity: Texture seems issue

Good Day,
I’ve been struggling to seamlessly texture a tree that I’m working on. I’ve tried adding seams, using normal unwrap vs smart unwrap, and texture painting over the seems. But seeing as im no blender expert I figured Id ask to see if I was missing something.
I plan on exporting the tree to Unity3d so maybe the solution is on that end such as a custom material.

Pic of visible seams and UV map.

Seems like your issue is just a bad unwrap when trying to use a tiling texture.

One solution that will at least look better would be to manually unwrap it by placing a singular seam down the middle of the mesh.

Like this:

You could also try using texture painting to hide the seams to go the extra mile to hide it.

This method will at least look decent, although the seam will be noticeable. So try and hide it, so the seam won’t be seen if you can.

The other method would be to use a texture painting software such as Substance Painter, Quixel, Mari or 3D Coat. All of which cost money and are an investment. Most software like that have easier usually automated methods to get around unsightly seams in textures.

Aside from that, there’s not too many more solutions I could think of.

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Hey man thanks for the reply, Ive added a seem all around before but just doing half the object like you did makes more sense and works alot better.

Still running into some scaling issues with it being larger at the bottom of the object but I can just adjust the bottom of the UV manually.