Blender to Unity Texturing

I am trying to texture a log cabin in blender and move it over to Unity. I am very new with using Blender, and wanted to know the easiest way to texture my scenes. I found out that I could individually add materials in unity and apply the texture that way, but that requires me to UV map each individual face, apply the texture, export that map, open the map in unity, make a material, and apply that material to just that one face. There has to be an easier way to move a whole textured object over to unity at once, and any help is appreciated!

You can use texture painting in Blender to paint directly onto your 3D object or in the UV Image editor. Bake your texture save and import them into Unity. If you have any normal maps save as a separate file. Alternatively you could import your UVmap into some other image editing application for painting. It took some trial and error to figure out how to texture paint with an image in Blender but it is possible.