blender to unity

I’m having troubles with a visible symmtry line in unity. The weird thing is that it’s not there when we zoom in on the character, but as soon as we zoom out its clearly visible.

I checked the basics, no over lapping vertices before we tried going back to keeping the mirror modifer on (because the other character doesn’t have the line and is still using mirror modifer) and with the model still using mirror modifer again the possibility of over lapping uvs not over lapping correctly is not a concern. One thing we tried extending the color even further out of the texture space on the uv which took away most of the line but its still there. So I scalled down that part of the uv as well as unwrapping his body differently, none of which worked.

At this point I am stumped so any suggestions or thoughts?

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Attach blend file containing both characters, the one that is ok and the one that isn’t, pack all relevant textures
Also include a Unity screenshot that clearly shows the problem.

Done. Screen shot is from an iPad1 build.

Have you tried enabling clipping in the mirror modifier and move centre vertices to ensure they are on the clip plane and maybe increase merge limit a touch to ensure full vertex welding