Blender to Unreal Live stream next week on February 6th 2020

Apparently Epic is working on something Blender related that they plan on releasing. Tune in next week and see what it is. The date for the live stream is Thursday February 6th, 2020. Limited Details below. This clip is from Unreal Engine’s Live stream that they had today.


They have something cooking internally that they are planning to release. Ok I’m hyped.

Total Speculation from me but I think it is an official Unreal Live Link tool for blender. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up. That’s very interesting to see what they are cooking.

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That would be fantastic.

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I just shared this on BlenderNation too, thanks for the tip!

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No Problem. Thanks for the Boost :slight_smile:

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That would be super useful! thanks for the heads up

edit: It appears to be a Send To Unreal feature, it seems to support animation by the looks of the pic and hopefully it support static mesh instance. Imagine building a entire level with instance meshes(with custom collision mesh), animation,basic PBR material and then hitting a button to export all the data to UE4. So not quite a bidirectional Live Link, but still useful.


I hope it is something similar to the maya live link!

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Good find! Love that the blender to Unreal Workflow is getting more love from epic!

Lies! You just wanna give me false hope!! ;p

Only 1 hour and 30 minutes till the stream starts :smiley:

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Really curious about what it will be! Epic have a reputation to deliver so let’s see!


So did anybody watch this and wants to give a run down?

I glanced at the VOD. Seemed to show geometry and primitive bones/rigs. The addon is not yet released. Going to take another look when the addon is actually out. There’s now a Python plugin/framework inside Unreal that you can use to build .uassets it seems.


It uses FBX to send to UE4. It uses the Python API inside of UE4 and Blender to send the data directly to UE4. It can send animation, meshes, bones etc. The add-on setups a default Collections structure to help with exporting. No light, camera, or materials at the moment other than your bog standard FBX textures and normal maps. It can live update animation, mesh data, etc inside of UE4. There were a lot of Blender users in the stream that brought up some good ideas that the developers are going to add and others that they may consider in the future like particles etc.

The tool is not released for now, but they are planning to release this year. They will be going more in-depth on the tool in several streams. This one was just an overview.

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You can look at it here, if you missed it live.

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I watched it and it. It looks good and seems to get rid of a lot of annoyances.
It is not released but I hope that they don’t keep all the settings in the preferences because that would just be a pain.
The most interesting for me would be to bring over whole, hirarchically intact scenes as opposed to single objects.
Materials, lights and cameras are not relevant imo. You can just as well do that in UE.

Just watch it and to be honest i don’t see any novelty there since free addons and paid one are covering all my need.

Mr mannequin even fix the bones orientation and Auto rig pro export perfectly fine to UE4.

Looks like there will be part 2