Blender to Varicad to Blender

I’ve been using Blender for mechanical drawing for years.
Without the ability to print accurate scale drawings and measurements in Blender I needed to look for alternatives.

I’ve just found Varicad a mechanical drawing application that works on Linux, windows and Apple.
Anyone can download free full working 30 day trial version from the Varicad site as I did but be warned it’s not the same as Blender, unfortunately, and will take some time to get accustomed to.
Its a very good app for Architectural and Mechanical modelling and has both 2D and 3D modelling. —But it needs some Blenderization.

It would be great if there was a script to seamlessly convert Varicad files to Blender and back.
Varicad has native .dwb but saves in STEP, IGES and STL.

The save to DXF does not open in Blender nor does a Blender DXF open in Varicad anyway DXF is not really a good option.

Varicad has no basic animation and no textures so it would be a real treat to do mech drg in Varicad and add scenery then animate in Blender.

Can someone look into writing a script for converting .dwb or other to .blend and back.

Try STL first. Other than that, you are better off finding some conversion software that may be able to convert between formats.