Blender to Vector (flash)?

i am looking for a method to create vector files of individual 3d stills for flash mx. The current method that i am forced to use is tracing bitmaps in flash which provides terrible results. the python script sflender doesnt work for the new versions and i wouldn’t know how to use it anyway. basically, i would like the vector to recognise a cube as having individual lines instead of having blocky chunks of like looking pixels.

while it is playing right click anywhere in the movie and uncheck “play” then use the zoom in the menu to see how detailed the trace bitmap is even though it could be much simpler.

is there any way to do this simpler. if not in blender then what program would?
(PLEASE dont recommend swift 3D)

if anyone can help i will be eternally grateful.

sorry for double posting…
can someone tell me how to use sflender atleast?

That link gets you the script. Download the Blender 2.36. Open a text window and load the script. Press Alt+P. Then adjust how you want your output in Sflender’s GUI. the script it’s self has directions, you can also find detailed instructions by using the search on the Elysiun forums.

Here is a link for the current sflender news with ample guide:

thank you :slight_smile:

do you know where i can find a guide on using the script?

Just instal it in a different Directory, and you wont have trouble.

I have 3 different Versions of Blender Ready to use.

thanks for all the help.

i managed to get python working and im pumping out some pretty sweet renders thanks to you guys.

i’ll be sure to share :slight_smile:

(who needs swift now!!! HUH!! WHAT?!?!?!)