Blender to Vectorworks

Hi, Does anyone know if its possible to export a model made in Blender to Vectorworks?
I can get a model into vectorworks using .3ds format but it does not seem to keep its textures and materials.

I work for a design and decor company and we would like to make custom models of our stage sets and props. I can make these easily in Blender but we would also like to use the models in VectorWorks.

Any help would be much appreciated!

See this threadin the VectorWorks forums with some helpful(?) hints from a guy named Monadnoc (4th post from the top).

Thanks Ikari! I’ll try this as soon as I can.

Do you know what is the best file type to import into vectorworks?

There may be an add on for blender that can export something more compatible with VectorWorks.

Sorry, I’m no VectorWorks guy. I just stumbled across that forum post and thought I’d share.
Not sure what polygon mesh formats VectorWorks can import at all: .OBJ? .FBX? Both would be more reliable than .3DS, which is a horribly outdated file format with more limitations than features.

I was able to export FBX from blender and import it into VectorWorks but the mesh had no materials or textures…