Blender Tool

Hi There Many Of You Know Me Already.
I Have Quicky Brought Back My Very old Project Back From The Dead.

What It Dose :

Increases Brightness
Adds Motion Blur
Reduces Opacity

SnapShot’s Below :

Here Is A Normal Blender Render :

Here It Is Again The Same Render Execpt Re-Rendered On Blender Re-Render :

Here Is The Downlaod Link :

How To Use :

After Downlaoding Blender Re-Render Extract It And Put It Anywhere You Wish. Open Up Blender Re-Render And After Loading A Small Tool Window Should Pop Up In The Middle Of Blender Re-Render. Now In That Tool Window You Should See The Buttons :

Import Render
View Credit’s
Exit Blender Tool

Click On Import Render And A Search Window Should Pop Up. Now Go In The Blender Render Folder That Come’s In The Zip File And Select Any Of The Renders In That Folder.
(You May Select Your Own Render Image If You Wish )

Now That You Have Imported A Render Image In Blender Re-Render
You May Click On The Re-Render Button And Now It Should Start To Re-Render The Image That You Have Just Imported When It Is Done

Increases Brightness , Adding Motion Blur ,And Reduces Opacity

It Should Load Another Tool Window And A Small Information Windows Box Should Pop Saying :

Blender Re-Render Has Done It Again. :smiley: Press OK To Continue

Now Press Ok And In The New Tool Window You Can :

Export Current Re-Render
Exit Blender Tool
Visit Blenders Homepage

Click On Export Current Re-Render.
Now Another Information Box Should Pop Up Explaining The Next Steps.
Then After Reading The Steps That The Information Box Said. Press The OK Button And Then A Save As Window Should Pop Up And This Will Allow You To Export The Current Re-Render Anywhere You Wish.

For More Information About This Tool Pm Me Or Post It Here Thank You.

This Was Made Along Time Ago As A School Project.
( I Got A Nice Mark For This Also :slight_smile: )
I Have Re-Edit It For Blender Render Use Only.

Note : (I Got A Reply A Couple Weeks Ago When I Released My Blender Head Quiz How Do We Know Its Safe ect… I Will Never Make Somthing That Will Harm Any Other Computer’s. Everything I Release Is 100 % Safe You May Scan If You Wish. To The People Who Doubt Me)

Blender Re-Render Will Work On Modern Computers It Dose Not Work On Windows 98 Windows 95 ect…

Hope I Get Reply’s On My Last Thread Like This I Got No Reply’s =(

( I Don’t Know If This Would Be Considered A Tool For Blender. )


Most to all of the things you mentioned can be done in Blender’s new compositor with nodes.

:stuck_out_tongue: I just Learned somthing new today :slight_smile:
I think my small project is pretty ussless then :frowning:

hmmm…Since I like making tools for blender. what type of tools would be nice to try to create for blender ?

Subsurface Scattering. :stuck_out_tongue:

A+ for the effort. Whose render is that?

Whatever skills/insights you’ve gained on your project are priceless so, I wouldn’t think of it as having been a waste of time.

Tool idea:
Handheld Cam Simulator - Adds camera motion effects to an existing camera. Shaky Cam, Steady Cam, Walking, Driving, Helicopter,…

:slight_smile: Thanks For The A+ MartyJ :slight_smile: That Render Is Not Mine =( I Just Went On Blenders Homepage And Used It To Show What The Re-Render Can Do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very Nice Ideas kernond =) I Will Try To Make Em But All Good Tools Take Time To Biuld. :stuck_out_tongue: I Will Start When I Have Time Right Now I Gotta Get Ready For Tommorow. (I Got School) lol


Well seems that only 4 people have downlaoded So What Did You Think of it ?
I Am just wondering to tho’s who downlaoded Blender Re-Render :stuck_out_tongue:
I might just make another small update later on or tommorow where you can edit the brightness ect… of the re-reneder lol


I love the tool (what you exposed it does). I’m downloading it right now. Can’t wait to try it out. I think it’s agreat alternative as a quick image enhancer in case you don’t want to deal with nodes and stuff. Triple kudos from me as well! :smiley:

Thank’s afecelis The next update It Will be better tho it will allow you to control the brightness and motion blur ect… sorry if it toke awhile to type back I am using 1 hand typing slow my other hand I got my index figure kinda burnt from my dum friend today -.- I have to put it in cold ice when it hurts -.- . this will indeed make scripting harder for me lol

Anyways glad you like the idea. =)


I just tried it out and it’s really really really cool. Well. at least for someone like me who’s not an advanced blender user.
Another cool idea would be the ability of batch processing a series of images with the same settings :wink: for animation.

Please let us know of any updates. Keep it up!

Fun project but despite your effort I think it lets you too few control about the proces. I think learning nodes is much better and wil pay back in time.

Thanks afecelis I am working on new updates right now. =) The updates wont be done for awhile tho (well probly 1 more day or so). :stuck_out_tongue:

And My friend today gave me the craziest idea to add in Blender Re-render. but I dont know if I will be able to add it. The idea he gave me was what would people think about this make a button underneath the import Render Button a Import Movie File And allow the user’s to import there own movie’s done in blender then use Re-Render to add motion blur brightness ect…
(For me it sounds pretty hard Since my scripting skills are not that great)

But I will give it a try. (Anything that makes my tool better) lol

Anyways I am off to finish or start again on the updates. :stuck_out_tongue:

True Enough about the learning the node’s. But I just brought this project back just for fun. (I just like making small tools for blender once in awhile)
And the update I am working on right now will allow you to control the brightness bluring ect…

But besides that I am glad that it helped some people. And that thoses people like my work. =)

So in the end it all works out everyone is happy (err I think) lol


Hi There Again I Have Just Finished Uplaoding A Updated Version Of
Blender Re-Render Version 2.0 !

What It Can Do Now :

( B R-R 2.0 Is Short For Blender Re-Render Version 2.0 )

B R-R 2.0 Allows You To Change The Brightness Of Your Render
B R-R 2.0 Allows You To Change The Blure Of Your Render
B R-R 2.0 Allows You To No Longer Wait For It To Render !
Just Edit And Decide If You Like The Brightness You Have It Set On ect…

Snapshot Of The New Blender Re-Render :

Downlaod Link :

I Hope Blender Dose Not Mind Me Making Small Tool’s.

If People Want Me Add Add Some More Feature’s Please Post Here.

Next Version I Might Make It So It Add’s Brightness Blure ect… On Short Blender Movie File’s That Will Be A Challange For Me :rolleyes:

Please Report Bug’s Or Broken Link’s Thank You.


Hey everyone sorry for bumping my old thread back. But dose anyone still have this old project of mine on there P.C somewhere ? I would appreciate if someone were to upload it and post it here once again. I had my hard drive reformatted and lost several old projects including this old one :P. If you still have both versions that would be nice if not that’s ok also any version would do. :slight_smile:

~ Thanks In Advance.


Srry for bumping but I will bump this thread once in awhile just if someone has this app ^_^. Reason is because I want to continue this project lol.

~ Thanks In Advance.