Blender Tools context-sensitive?

How do you get the tools to appear. It seems to me, that depending on what you have done (whatever that it is), sometimes the Mesh-Tool would appear and sometimes it would not. I am not sure if some of these tools in the toolbox is context sensitive, but in any case - I tried to create a model and wanted the spindup in the mesh-tool and I was not able to get it to appear anywhere.

Advice please?


Yes, Blender tools are context sensitive. Since spinning alters the mesh data, it is only available in edit mode.


I was trying to use the Gears tool from: and it creates a single-toothed gear and in my case I chosed the defaults and just generated it.

It says that in order to get multiple-toothed, full gear itself, it has to be spindup’ed but there was no way that I could get the context-sensitve mesh tool to appear. I tried everything I could throw at it was was not able to get anywhere.

Anyone care to comment?


Did you select the tooth in object mode,
then hit tab to get into edit mode,
and then hit ‘a’ to select all the vertices,
but you still don’t see the spin tools?

If so, perhaps there is a vertical bar with a triangle pointing to the right with the letters ‘M T’ below it. Click the triangle and the spin tools panel should appear, if there are two of those bars click them both.

If this is not the case, perhaps your screen is small and the tools window is wider than the deskotp. If this is the case try scrolling your mousewheel in the tool window to see if it scrolls to the side. If not, try clicking the triangle pointing down on an open panel to minimize the panel to make room for the spin tool panel.

OK! I got it! Thanks for the tip!

Now the only thing left is to figure out how to close the gap between the tooths and I cannot see a merge vertices tool or something like that. I could increase the number of tooths to tighten the gap but I don’t think this is the correct way to do it…

Thanks again for the help! It IS cool!