Blender Tournament - Old Mine

Just to clarify, since I’m guessing people think the material needed for Medieval and later era swords and what not fell out of the sky :eyebrowlift:, mining has been around for pretty much as long as humans in one degree or another.

There’s that little amazing invention known as the internet now to check such stuff, it’s not just for social media and other garbage but some people like using it for research. I knew that mining is ANCIENT even without “googling” it - I learnt that like in high school.

As it is I am basing this off a 13th century or later mine. If Price doesn’t like it for his so called “ancient” contest, well it’s merely practice.

I am glad you found a new and rich source of information us mere social media users have yet to discover so you could prove the very controversial statement “mines are ancient.”

No wait, you learnt that in high school. Pardon me, I forgot how educated you are.

(Sorry fellow Blender users, but that kind of attitude brings out the worst in me)

Nice image :slight_smile: looks like a good start

I am sorry if I somehow offended you, that was never my intention.

I might have went ahead of myself, but I didn’t really read through your initial post entirely and the first impression I got from your image was a fairly modern mine from the early 90s late 80s. But then again, I really have no expertise regarding mines.

Best Regards


No hard feelings. I should have stated it originally as mining isn’t everyone’s immediate thought to ancient, I know quite a bit about it as I grew up in an old German town where the “thing” to do for us kids was disobey our parents and see how far we could dare one another to go into this old mine.

1st - mines are ancient. There’s a mine in Africa which has been proven to be a few tens of thousands of years old - if I remember correctly it was “mined” for soft clay material needed for ritual paint, etc. Mining in our mindset might not be old however it’s been around for a long time.

As for the media / garbage comment. I am just going off what I see at university - kids wasting their or their parents money and doing nothing but screwing off on facebook, etc. I mean my friend just graduated a program for policing here and the average grade was 63% for two years, passing is 60%. And the program was ridiculously easy.

My attitude, I get snarky at times. What can I say?

Stage 2

Some basic debris

Some stuff done last night. I don’t see the point in waiting for the noise for a WIP.

Just curious, when is this mine being “shot”? Modern day photo of an old ancient mine, or set at the time for the mine just after a collapse?

Wasn’t sure how to describe it, sorry if I make no sense.

why don’t check the sims 3 world adventures?