Blender tracking or Syntheyes?

For an archvis I´ll need some camera tracking next month. Some helicopter shots (1 minute) I will integrate a CG factory into.

The job would justify some € investment, but if Blender´s tracking comes close in results (from what I´ve seen, yes) and usability (that´s the part I need input on) I´d prefer that.

Recommendations? Invest the few days I have to learn Blender tracking or get Syntheyes and learn that?

Thx a lot.

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I have never used Syntheyes but I tried the tracker in Nuke. The tracker in Blender is quite powerful and I was often able to get lower error with it, but it involves a bit more manual work. I think that the comparison with Syntheyes would be similar (?).
If you will be doing tracking more often than it might be wise to invest the money for commercial solution, which can help you to track almost automatically. But in certain cases the automatic tracking fails and than you will spend much more time no matter what tracker do you use. So if you are not going to track on daily bases you will be perfectly fine with blenders tracker.
Final note: Current cameras usually have so called “rolling shutter”. Some trackers can compensate this effect but blender NOT. Helicopter footage can be quite shaky and the rolling shutter effect can ruin your solve. So make sure you are using camera with global shutter or that you can solve the RS problem…

Thx. Nuke is out of my reach. I´ll look into SE. Thx again.