Blender Training - Look Development

I’ve done a couple of workshops on the CGSociety (painting and some modelling) and I’m currently interested in this one on Look Development. However it’s Maya-oriented and the tutor says that the lighting section especially does require Maya rather than any software package. Does anyone know of anything equivalent for Blender?

I’m assuming it’s a ‘higher-level’ course, not just how to do A or B but how to analyze a situation to work out what actually is needed and then find the best way to achieve it. The tutor says its about the skills you learn through experience after you learn how to use your software. I guess Nathan’s rigging training is at this level although I haven’t done it yet.

I must admit I’m even wondering if I should switch to Maya just to access this kind of training. Not very seriously of course.

ETA: Just discovered I’m eligible for a free academic version of Maya, being a faculty member of an educational institution. Might give that a go. Not really looking forward to having to learn a new interface though.

Not wrong learning theory though, and rendering is rendering be it MR or Cycles… But of course there’s a lot you won’t have use of accept in MR, pure technical how-to things, but the theory of it will be similar no matter what app/renderer you use… (and that’s of course renderers with image based lighting capabilities)