Blender & transparences

(tredee) #1

Does anyone of you knows how to render an image with the transparent background in Blender?

I have to do a logo animation, and need the tranparent bg.


(sonix) #2

Do you mean you want to create a logo, which will be transparent except for the writing/pic, so that you can then put this logo over something else like a web page?

I don’t know of a proper method, but you could try this:-

Create a new world, from the Header below the 3d window, and make it completely black.

Produce your logo, animate it as you wish, but when you come to rendering the animation, render it as single Targa files not as AVI.

Use an animation assembler, Paintshop pro 6 comes with an excelent one, to assemble the frames. If you use the wizard you can select a colour to be made or referred to as transparent. In this case Black.

Then when you compile your animation your logo will appear on a transparent background.

If this or any animation assembler is not available to you, maybe someone else knows of a method from within Blender.

You could maybe try loading a blank transparent TGA or PNG file(with alpha channel) into the backbuf. Maybe this might work, just an after thought though I’ve not tried this method.

Hope this is of some help.


(Enzoblue) #3

In the render buttons, turn on Premul instead of sky, turn on RGBA, and TARGA, then render.

If you use Gimp, it won’t recognize the Alpha channel. What I do is use another program, (XnView, a replacement for windows explorer), and conver the Targa to .png, then open it in Gimp. If you have Photoshop there’s no problem.

(OTO) #4

If you have Blender publisher 2.25 you can save directly in PNG format
and the gimp will recognize the transparency

(tredee) #5

Thanks for all the answers, I got a problem when rendering with Publisher2.25, it sometimes crshes after a rendering…but I can try as well with Creator2.25…I will try all the above methods and let you know!!


(sonix) #6

I have the same prob alot of the time with Publisher. I find if I reduce the OSA setting it can cure the problem.


(tredee) #7

Ok, thanks, it works:

Premul, RGBA, save PNG, open in Gimp…no need to set a world in Blender (Publisher2.25).