Blender turns black


I am coming back to Blender after a while of not doing it. I have installed the newest version of Blender, 2.49. Whenever I run the program I have a problem. When I move my cursor over different parts of the Blender interface, the interface turns black. For example, if I move my cursor over the main screen where my model is displayed, the screen will turn black. I did a quick search for problems similar to this and some problems similar to mine happened on older models. People said that it was the graphics card. Is that correct?


whats your graphics card? intel graphics all have problems to seem degree usually, i had really weird things happening on my laptop.
so yes its very possible.

I have a Mobil Intel® 4 Series Express Chip Set Family.

me too. (485 to be exact) and blender was completely screwy. sorry but i think that’s the problem, not sure what else you could do. try getting the latest drivers. other than that, not sure what you can do. :frowning: