Blender Tut 4: Modeling an xbox 360

Hi all

This tutorial teaches you how to model an xbox 360 using curves. i try not to do tutorials about modeling a specific thing but i really love the technique i was able to use to create this effect.

HERE is the link

Enjoy XD

A very good technique indeed. I’ve used it many times. Nice job with the xbox. Keep it up, hamsterhill.

thanks man.

Thank you!!! Believe it or not; with this tutorial, you’ve guided me to the true understanding of bezier curves. :slight_smile: Again, THANKS!

yea i normally try not to do modeling tutorials because they don’t really show off cool techniques but i really love how this one turned out. :smiley:

Yes, you’re kind of right; nevertheless, modeling tutorials, even those explaining techniques you already know, always teach you at least one thing: an easier way to do things, workarounds to whatever a problem you’re facing, etc. Still, if I had to pick a kind of tutorial, I’d definitely pick whole-project ones. They teach you all there’s to the making of a new scene and, unless you’re aiming particularly to the teaching of a technique (like this tutorial), I think they’re the best. However, this is just my opinion; make whatever a kind of tutorial you like. Hope this contributes for future tutorials, and, once again, thanks for this one.