Blender tutorial books?

I’m very new to blender, but thrilled at the oppertunity to work with this program!
I am in the Navy and about to do a very long deployment, in which I purchased a laptop to play around with very basic stuff to learn how things work in blender.
On deployments our internet is beyond slow and access to videos is non-existant. With that said I am wondering if tutorials or lessons are in a published book that I would be able to use vs a small amount of text version tutorials.
Thank you!

You can also check out Blender Basics 4th Edition. It’s available as a free .PDF download and the material and exercises are relatively current to Blender 2.6x.

Also, if you have some spare HD space, you could become a Blender Cookie citizen and download a bunch of videos, etc. before you leave. Then you can have your cookie and eat it too! :slight_smile:

This. Ten bucks for a single month, download as much help as you can carry. It will be totally worth it.