Blender tutorial for complete newbies.

Since we’ve decided to support Blender at ResPower, I decided it might be a good idea to create a little tutorial for the complete beginner to the software. It’s posted here for anyone who’s interested. Any criticism, suggestions for improvement, corrections, etc. are greatly appreciated. Thanks everybody.


That’s good work Tacos. I know how long these things take. A lot covered.

I think there is only one tutorial is needed before this one so that a noob feels confident going through this tutorial - Tool navigation. Zoom, pan, views, center view, windows, etc. I think these concepts throw new users most.

Keep doing what your doing.

very nice tutorial…ill be sure to forward this to any noob who needs help

A couple of points.

In 2.40, you don’t need to copy a half-mesh then mirror it, you just apply a mirror modifier to the half-mesh. Then, when you’re ready to join the meshes, go into Object mode and hit “apply” in the modifier stack. No need to remove doubles and usually no need to recalc normals.

Extrusion is one way to add extra bones. Another is to just Ctrl-LMB till you’ve got enough.

thanks for the feedback, everybody. AndyD, i’ve added a little blurb with your tip about the mirror modifier to the tutorial. thanks alot. i’m no expert with blender, and i feel a bit like the blind leading the blind here, but i’m always open to suggestions.