Blender Tutorial: How to Create a Professional Text Animation

Final Result

Link to the post on the website:

Just found a few good fonts, you can find the links here:

If you ever re-record this tutorial, put the Auto-Run Python checkbox RIGHT after the part where you create the drivers. It will be especially informational if they see the driver failing before the checkbox is activated (because that’s how they’ll troubleshoot it in their own projects).

You might also demonstrate the ability to move keyframes using the dopesheet rather than deleting the keyframes and creating replacements at different times.

I’m not sure if your audience is interested, but you could illustrate duplicating a material, and making a single-user copy of the action so you can move the keyframes without affecting all the materials that reference a single action. Thinking of actions as a reusable datablock is not something most people think about (although you are forced to learn it when you start using NLAs).