Blender tutorial: organic modelling

(LohnS) #1

sry if this is in the wrong board, didn’t know which to put it in =P

ok from the request fo a few people in the BlenderWars forum i made this tutorial. Its similar to one made for MAYA i think, but i really went my own way after a little of it.

anyway first part is up, preperation. Second part, Modelling will be up soon…

(S68) #2


Me can’t wait for part II


(Goofster) #3

SWEET!, thanks man. can’t wait either. head modelling isn’t really my “forte”


(Vidigiani) #4

Hahah IT FIGURES! He lures you in with some interesting comments and then you’re getting excited… Wow, this is a cool new tutorial…You draw all these funny lines, that could be something… then you get to the end and it says “part 2 coming soon”. Now I am starting to wonder if Neo made me draw all those funny lines as a joke :P.

(LohnS) #5

hehe nah i wouldn’t do that, i was just stuffed from doing all that again and taking snap shots of it while writing the steps. After i finished it i thought i’d wait till tomorrow to start part 2. Do’nt worry, will be up very soon =).

(Vidigiani) #6

Hehe I know :slight_smile: I just had to give you a hard time for keeping me in suspense and anticipation :).

(blengine) #7

looks great! im waiting fer part two yay…though part one looked very very messy until i realized it was just a reference sketch…haha whew!

(malefico) #8

Very good tutorial ! I like it a lot.

One question though… what is the “BlenderWars” Learning Path ???


(LohnS) #9

oh wel this tutorial will be up at the blender site BlenderWars when i finish it. And me and another guy are making a learning path for first time blenderers so go through the basics in a concentrated path. They start by making a box (in four ways hehe) then onto how to add a material and the basic propeties, and on form there =)