Blender tutorial sites: your opinion

Hey all,

I’ve always wondered what other people’s opinions are on blender tutorial sites.

My curiosity has finally got the better of me. I couldn’t find anything, so I created my own “data collecter”.

It’s a simple survey, hopefully not too long, asking you what you think about some of the blender tutorial sites. I’ve included the sites I think are the most obvious/popular…but, I could have missed some :frowning:

I will post the results, when I get a decent amount of data.


interesting survey, looking forward to the results.

I’ve got 24 completed surveys, ultimetly I would like more, but I suppose only a certain amount of people can waste a few minutes of their life on a survey that doesn’t mean much ;-).

Results will come in a week from now.


I had a good amount complete the survey, and here are the results:

Survey Results
(Sorry for the quality of the graphs)

All in all, some very interesting results.

(By the way, the survey is still open)