Blender tutorial wiki?

How about adding a wiki to Elysiun to allow people to build a tutorial database? It seems that there are lots of people who would be willing to contribute, but are just looking for the outlet.

The wiki format would let people pool their talents and keep the tutorials up to date as Blender evolves.

i belive that was the old system, i hope somthing like this gets added when the site gets updated.

Bob_dog, i don’t think anything will change until the new design comes in though.


Well, I was inspired by the Wikipedia project and the wiki engine that they use (also open source :wink: )

Blender is such a community driven project… it would be nice to apply the same principle to teaching each other - not to mention the benefits of having all the tutorials in one place.

I really like the idea. I believe people would contribute quite prolifically.