Blender Tutorials For "Newer" People

Hello All,
I made this tutorial mostly because I’ve seen a lot of people asking this, and no one could give a clear explanation to. The tutorial is on the basics of blender, and weapon parenting.

I also started this thread so “newer” people to blender could ask for help such as how to do simple-complex stuff. They can go ahead, an ask me and I will answer to the best of my ability. If i think I could better answer there question in a video I will put it in my next blender tutorial.:slight_smile:

I’ve also included the link to the video, and a .blend file that includes a simple example of the weapon parent.

Link to the video:


hi, great idea.
My question is:
If I want to walk around a Village, then enter a Building, how would i do this?
I don’t want the geometry in the Building to be in the Village scene, as this would be too much overhead.
So i want to walk up to the door, then enter by clicking on it.

What you would want to do is to make it so that when you click on the door of the building, make a python script that gets you player’s position and make it change to the scene that is in the house. Then when you click the door to the outside, make it switch to the outside scene and go to the saved position.

The Red Hand,
Would I do this by having multiple scenes in the one .blend?
Or can linked .blends be used?

Note; I really am a game engine noob.

Wouldn’t that be a good case to use occluders? Set the outer house and door to occlude geometry, so when you’re outside the inner part of the house doesn’t get rendered, and, then, when you’re inside is the rest of the objects that doesn’t get rendered? would that work alright?

I really have not ventured into the game engine, other than looking at others work.
I don’t think occluding geometry would be sufficient.
I’m thinking games like Diablo, Final Fantasy, RPG type genre.
So the interiors will be quite resource heavy themselves.
Like shops & other typical areas.
I think all the extra geometry would make the scene very heavy if I only occluded the geometry.
Although thanks for the tip!
I can see where this would be very useful.

I’m glad this thread already has helped someone!:eyebrowlift:

@sick that would probably be his best option if he didn’t know python, or didn’t know python that well.

Oh, ok, sorry :slight_smile:

I was just wondering, and expected an answer similar to yours. I know no scripting at all, and couldn’t come up with anything better.

You could use multiple scenes with the scene actuator.

Linked .blends could be used in conjunction with scenes, but I think the linking needs to be done to your main “game” .blend before an .exe is created or before the game is run. I would kinda like clarification on this myself.

Or you could offer financial or moral support to ideasman42 to support his inclusion of dynamic loading and linking in the game engine. I believe this is the solution you’re really looking for.

Coupled with the possible future inclusion of multithreaded dynamic loading, this would be an ideal solution to your question, I think. :slight_smile: (More information in the thread.)

Note: Whilst the inclusion of dynamic loading/linking looks to be a very real probability right now, multithreaded support is only something suggested for potential future integration.

um, Blendermaster made a script for this… I explained how to use it because his internet went down for a while… Here’s the link:
It’s a very useful scene transfer script! :smiley:

Knowing something is possible or will be allows for better planning. =)
Thanks again.