blender tutorials from a paid content site - need updated plan.

I was a long time member of cgcookie, but am looking for any other options. I deeply appreciate all of the time that some sites put into making high quality tutorials. I would love to have the ability to cast from my iphone to my firestick or chromcast - that would be the best option. (cant from cgcookie).

anyone have any good luck with video courses that come as paid content?

Can’t you just download all of the videos from cgcookie? Then one could cast/stream/play them from anything to anything I would think.

Or do you want to just directly stream?

Stream would be best - but I was told i can DL them on cgcookie - just cant find where they keep that data on the main page. I can access the zip files of the models, but id need the tutorial videos

I thought within each tutorial page, it had a download tab which lets you download each lesson video file. Not totally sure, as I’m not a paid member, but each paid option lists “Download HD Videos” as a feature, so it’s doable.