Blender Tutorials

(TheHobbit) #1

I checked for and found some from and

but if you can list all the resources of places to learn Blender it would help me a lot. I"m missing 2 or 3 places I really liked and I would appreciate findint the URLS. One had rewrites of Blendermania stuff. The other basic interface tutorials in viewlets. Thanks all…

(ec2) #2

[email protected]’s Blender Corner


Blender Knowledge Base

Blender Cafe

Blended Planet

reD Fox’s Home page with old Blendermainia tutorials

Not sure of site name. I bookmarked it as Excellent Blender Tutorials

The Iceman’s Tutorial list

(VelikM) #3

Some Viewlet tutorials here

(ec2) #4

Great Tutorials there. Thanks for the post.

(TheHobbit) #5

Thanks a lot, thats a bunch of great tutorials I never knew existed.

I’m still missing the viewlet tutorial site on the basic basics of blender and all…I gotta save this stuff to a disk when I get it all back here…

(joecool) #6
how could you forget that?

(IMProvisar) #7

Hrm… maybe it’d be good to copy this thread to Q&A and make it sticky. :slight_smile:


(S68) #8

It would be even better to make a tutorial liks page, in the future, but in the meantime your suggestion looks smart :wink:

I’ll do it,


(Goofster) #9

S68, maybe we can work together on this:

I heard so much talk about a tutorial list lately that I decided to start a list of my own. I created an Access database with level of difficulty and that kinda stuff. I think i can easily make a html file from it. also it would make updating the list very easy. I expect to have a beta version up this weekend.

in the mean time. please keep posting the links to tutorials. that way I don’t have to find them all by my self :smiley: