Blender/UDK animation problems

Hi guys it’s my first post, i have some problens with blender, i’m trying to export a book animation to the UDK, but it’s showing several errors in the process, i did the folowing tutorial to make a animated book for a game, how can i export this to UDK?
ps.:sorry for my english


You must rig and animate with the game engine in mind… what types of mesh deformation does it support?

For example, in that tutorial, an animated mesh deformer is used to curl the pages… I’m pretty sure UDK doesn’t know blender’s mesh deformers from pancakes, so you would have to “bake” that animation into the mesh… as in "apply the modifer to the mesh on a frame by frame basis.

That is but one example, I am sure there are more just in this tutorial/object. I’ve been out of game dev for a while know, but generally, if it’s not bone/skeleton/armature based, or a morph target (vertex animation), than it likely not supported by the game engine.

Bottom line: If you are animating an object destined for use in a game engine, you must know what the engine expects and only use those methods.

thanks, it was the bone settings, i did a new animation for the book using automatic weights, the new book`s rigg is not so complex like the tutorial, but works fine for the game :slight_smile: