Blender & UE4 and 5

I think Blender and UE4 needs to join forces, the way i see it, there are real life like Photorealism, alot i cannot tell the differace bettween Blender and the real world anyway UE5 release next year.

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Epic has already “joined forces” with Blender - they’re contributing substantial donations and supporting open standards like GLTF that will facilitate good import and export.

Thank you. :+1:

Not everyone uses UE, even tho Epic granted a lot of money to BF, I’d rather see them join forces with Godot and reinforce the open source alternative for game production.

I took a look at Godot, free dowmload, i looked at the 1000 assets, not much Photorealism, there assets are more like apps.

Yes Unreal Engine is great, but we don’t need armchair analysts telling us which tool is best.
That’s better left to experienced users, not someone who downloaded a bunch of assets and found a burning need to share their opinion on a forum.

I was commenting the fact that Blender and Godot are both open source.
I never mentioned their asset store, neither did you. If that’s a key feature for you, then yes, forget about Godot. Photorealism can be achieved on most engines, but that’s UE’s specialty for sure. Unity has done a lot of progress in this field with their HDRP.

Don’t forget that these are just tools, you can give the best tool to any fool, and he won’t get anything good out of it.

Yes, yes, Michael … patience … won’t be the first time, won’t be the last.

With UE4 marketplace where can purchase assets, when choose assets $200 + they get very very good, just like the Conifer Forest, Redwood Forest, Broadleaf forest 3 very top quality Enviromental nature assets, then there is the top line precodural Forest nature, for about 500 AUD, also i notice Steam punk museam also the best Cemetary pack about 320, they are the best, i usualy purchase $1,300 which is very worth while, so if i purchase enought of those i be able to create a AAA game. And i have a publishers licence to sell at EB games, sculpting landscapes is very easy, but animation tricky.