Blender UI brainstorming?

Should we have something like GIMP UI brainstorm blog?

so we can discuss new UI features and share our own ideas.

That looks pretty interesting. I’d be great to have a central place with lots of constructive proposals.

Guys, there has been an awful lot of discussions on that subject: do a search first. You’ll see that almost none of those threads has been fruitful and that most of the time they turn into arguments about the same sore points. Also they end up locked.

Anyway, as long as the event refactor (the recoding of how Blender handles events like mouse or keyboard inputs and more) isn’t completed it is pretty useless to talk about a big UI refactor since it is only by then new possibilities that are pretty much essential for it will be available.



I like the idea of a blog or other kind of dedicated space to share proposals (forum?). The sooner we start to propose things they will be more mature for the time the event refactor is ready.

This may just be the ticket for you all: it is very constructive and Altaken is very active and respected on the functionality front. :slight_smile:


Hmm na, most of the coders i think hate me (especially the ones i keep calling smelly).

The Blendergo thread is there, and is handy since it gets all the conversation in one topic, that is easily found by people.

I have a huge list of “annoying little bugs” that people point out. most usability things are fairly small fixes. (like “save on close” dialogue box)


this thread may succes if developers of the UI organize it ( like in Gimp )